9 Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas To Boost Your Sales

Widely considered a branch of social media marketing, influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that opens doors for brands to improve awareness, build trust and boost sales. By building partnerships with social media influencers, brands can now see a massive uplevel in their bottom line. In fact, research has now shown that for every $1 spent on it, brands make $5.20 in return.

November 28, 2022

Influencer marketing holds a myriad of possibilities and opportunities for brands and businesses. With consumer buying decisions being swayed by influencers’ advice, brands have a phenomenal opportunity to snag a place in their customer's minds. 

However, as more and more businesses leverage influencers in their strategy, it can be extremely hard to constantly churn out content that will appeal to your target audience. 

In this blog, we are going to give you 9 content ideas that will inspire you to create stellar influencer campaigns.

1) Social media posts

Social media posts provide an introductory stepping stone into the world of influencer marketing. It is one of the most simple, yet, classic ways to go about it. Pick an influencer in your niche, reach out to them, share your brand story, and gift them with free samples. If possible, provide them with content guidelines or give them creative license to create a sponsored post that demonstrates to people the amazing results that your product or brand can create. These posts could be static image posts or dynamic video posts. 

 Video reviews and unboxing videos are effective ways to harness the power of influencer marketing. Reviews provide customers with an unbiased opinion of the product while unboxing videos provide the user with almost a first-hand experience of the product. You could even incentivize these posts by adding a unique coupon code or product link to persuade the audience to buy.

A great example of this comes from the luxury watch brand, Daniel Wellington.

Just by collaborating with an army of celebrities and influencers, they skyrocketed the hashtag #danielwellington to new heights, massively upping their follower count and increasing profits.

2) Blog posts

Blog posts are yet another popular and authentic influencer content strategy. By collaborating with the right influencers you can create promotional articles that expose your brand to your ideal audience. Extensive, in-depth articles about your products can give subscribers all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Plus they are much more inclined to listen to a person that they admire and trust.

 Republish these articles both on your site and the influencer’s site to gain more traffic and eyeballs. This increases the authority and reputation of your brand in an organic fashion and in the long run.


3) YouTube videos

Today, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world. That means an expansive and highly engaged audience is at your service. Plus, lately, YouTube has become the hub of a new wave of creative talent and savvy influencers. By leveraging their power you can attract your brand tribe and keep them engaged. From product launches to promotions, you can integrate your products into their videos or you could simply sponsor their videos.


While choosing your influencer, make sure to go with the one that has a natural fit with your brand.


A prime example of this strategy comes from the audiobook company, Audible.

From collaborating with travel content creators to entrepreneurs, Audible has made a mark by sponsoring podcasts and Youtube videos.


4) Branded hashtags

Couple your social media influencer posts with a branded hashtag and what you have is a one-two punch in influencer marketing. 

Whether you are looking for virality or brand awareness, branded hashtags work effectively well in achieving both. Craft a unique hashtag that is memorable, on brand, and yet not so common. Then ask your influencers to promote your hashtag and brand with it. They are great for driving engagement as well as reaching new people.

 When fans see a beloved influencer of theirs using your brand hashtag, not only are they likely to check it out, but they’re also much more likely to buy as well.


5) Social Media Advertising

Social media ads are no more meant to be advertised only from the brand side of the equation. Using the authentic power of influencer marketing you can now extend your reach, maximize your ad dollars and engage customers. Because of the authentic nature of influencer videos, they appear to be much more trustworthy and native to prospects and social media alike. In fact, Facebook and Instagram now allow businesses to boost their influencer content as an ad.

So, the next time you plan on running a social media campaign, try repurposing one of your influencer videos. Video reviews from influencers double especially well as ads. Before-after videos give a glimpse of the visual transformation that’s associated with your product and also nudge them to take that much-needed action.

6) Influencer Takeovers, Live videos, and events

Hearing the same content from a brand’s point of view can get boring, and monotonous from time to time. 

That’s exactly when you need to switch it up and surprise your audience with an influencer takeover. An influencer takeover is when you collaborate with an influencer in your niche and you give them the creative freedom and liberty to manage your account. It could be either for an entire day takeover or an hour-long live video.

If you have a brand event like a product launch or new release planned, invite one of your influencers and request them to share their experience over live videos and the stories feature. 

This helps to create excitement, anticipation, and buzz from the audience. When you do this you tend to amplify your marketing efforts organically. Your audience will immensely appreciate the fresh change of scenery that you help create.


7) Promo codes

Influencer marketing success is merely a fantasy if it's not measured. Promo codes/discount codes are helpful assets that can be distributed and shared with influencers and their audiences. Since the audience trusts the influencers’ opinions, they may choose to buy it immediately, thus shortening the buyer’s journey.


While you can deploy promo codes throughout the year, they work especially well during the holiday season, and the more emphasis is put on these codes, the better they reflect on your brand’s revenue line.

Not only do they help to generate more sales, but they also make it extremely easy to track whether a campaign is performing well or not. Plus it’s effortless for influencers to share promo codes with their followers. 


8) Brand Ambassador programs

Brand ambassadors are essentially the brand spokesperson or the face of the brand. They have standing partnerships with brands and businesses and are tasked with creating content for them regularly, either, short-term for several months or long-term for years together.

When these influencers actively share or promote a certain brand, their audience begins to take notice. With repetition, it imprints on them and builds brand awareness.

Since these influencers have already built a well-knit and loyal relationship with their audience, it makes it a walk in the park for you, as a brand.

Keep in mind, the choice of influencers that you pick reflects a lot on your brand. So you must carefully handpick trusted influencers if you want to grow your brand and build a good rapport with your customers. 


9) Special offers and giveaways

One of the most widely used influencer marketing strategies are contests and giveaways. They are simple to operate on and mutually benefit both parties. 

Brands reach out to influencers by providing them with a free product or service to offer to their audience. Due to the irresistible nature of the offer, people get excited and often find them too hard to resist. This frenzied level of excitement thus leads to a massive surge of engagement in terms of shares, likes, and comments. 

Prospects view this as an opportunity to win free products while the brand might enjoy a good dose of brand awareness and probably extra sales from the folks who didn’t win.


Consumers today are knackered by disruptive marketing. They’ve simply grown to become numb and resistant to them. However, they are still open and welcoming to organic communication from brands. Leveraging the creative power of influencers and influencer marketing is a great option for such a case. 

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